Aside from writing code, I love to dabble in art as a side hobby. This page showcases my photographs and my digital art.


A Couple at WTC Memorial, NYC, 2019



I just love the style of film. I think no other medium of art captures the realism and nostalgia of real imagery than film (especially in how it captured natural light).

I use mostly dipsoable cameras and my trusty $20 camera I got from the Facebook Marketplace. Despite being decades in age, it is incredibly reliable and adjusts fairly well to low lighting.


Self Portrait, 2020


Art and Photography

This part of the page showcases my digital art and photography. Digital photography is really how I got into photography in general. I loved using DSLR cameras and playing around with the settings, and editing them. But I find myself becoming less interested in it as my style changes, now using mostly my phone and point-and-shoots to capture moments. Using heavy and cumbersome digital cameras was not ideal for this style. I also started editing less with photography, as I've found that I've opted for a more natural 'less is more' style over the years.

Digital art is something that has taken a back seat for the last few years for me. But it has kinda gained a 'resurgence' because of designing my programming projects.


Low-Poly of 'Her'


Wiltshire, England‎

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